Superior Group
Lot 273, Jalan Kangkar Tebrau,
Kampung Kangkar Tebrau,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.


Hydraulic Cranes generally comprises 3 sub-types of cranes.

700 Ton All Terrain Crane

120 Ton All Terrain Crane

300 Ton All Terrain Crane

Crawler Cranes

Low Bed Trailer or Low Loaders offer ease of loading and unloading cargo of abnormal weight, height and length. Typically consisting of a high-torque prime mover with a trailer bed of 2 to 6 axles, Low-bed trailers can travel long distances while transporting large cargo with safety and efficiency.

Low-Bed Trailers




41 Meter / 135 Feet Boomlift

80 Feet (24 Meters) Articulated Boomlift




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